Greetings in Jesus name,

I have returned safely from my trip to Boston! It was a blessed time of learning and fellowship.
I had the privilege and honor to teach at a week long bible school along side my dear brothers in Boston! The Lord really stretched me in an amazing way and I'm thankful for the challenge.

It is more blessed to give than to receive. 

Truly  it is more blessed to give and our King knows best. I have experienced this in teaching! The challenge of preparing five, one and half hour messages was intimidating and new for me. But God is faithful and gave me what was needed when I needed it.

Brother Finny spoke about Urban Christianity and how the spread of the gospel happened in cities.

Brother Matthew spoke on the Church and it various aspects (nation, army, body).

I spoke on evangelism and leading with the terms of peace (The Gospel of the Kingdom).  
 I will post some follow up blogs with the teachings sessions. I was also blessed to make a very short trip to Kentucky to see my beloved Buxton's! Here are a few more pictures from my time in Boston.

Bible school students downtown Boston
Last meal with some of the brethren
John and Jeremy at Revere beach
Brother John and I heading back to Kampala!
An exciting reunion with my wife!!!
Great view of Boston from Wright Tower


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