Tasting Life (A slighty strange title, but alas, you must give it a name.)

Someone once said...

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect."

That is why we have been keeping this blog going since 2012, as inconsistent and random as it may be.  So we can taste and see our adventures play out before us time and time again. To remember all the joys and struggles, faces and places. To share the good and bad with loved ones near and far. But most importantly to tell of Jesus. To shine light on His everlasting goodness, and mercy.

Sometimes I really do just sit back and think, is this really my life? How did we get here? Looking back even over the past three months, so much has happened-- where do I begin?

How about with a few bullet points and pictures. :)

- Some friends of ours, who we met in Kenya back in 2014, sent their 17 year old daughter to come and stay with us for several months, and what a blessing that was. Tara is a kind, thoughtful, funny, and beautiful young lady-- inside and out. As you can imagine, being a first year home school mom can have it's challenges. Now, throw five more children into the mix who need to be taught, several of them hardly speaking English, and another toddler! That is a serious situation. But God, in His mercy, sent me some help. Tara was able to really focus on helping Longoli (8) and Lokke (5) with their reading. She also helped the younger children with letters, and writing while I was teaching Ava and Favour their kindergarten work. Tara actually returned home this week, and we will miss her dearly. But with that little boost from my friend, I am ready to take on the new school year come August.

- As a community we visited the Kampala Museum. It may not have all the bells and whistles that first world museums have, but it was full of Ugandan history-- my history. Let me clarify, learning about the tribe my children come from was the highlight of the whole experience for me. Their story is now our story and vice versa.
- A carload of us literally drove around police barricades trying to get out of town on inauguration day. The jet flying action over Kampala was enough to think that a war was breaking out! We thought that going swimming in the middle of nowhere would be a nice, quiet activity. Only to find out that the place we chose to swim at had at least a dozen of Africa's Presidents, and politicians staying at it. No wonder we had to back road it so much! Police checks my friends, are no joke.

- Sewing projects! See adorable baby bloomers, and shirt on Carol. 

- Charlton rushed our unconscious one and a half year old to the hospital on the back of a boda-boda (motorcycle) while administering mouth-to-mouth because she choked on a small piece of chapati. Ambulances are too slow, and the traffic is too bad. He had to make some quick decisions and our daughter left the hospital doing well.

- Another dear sister, Elizabeth, returned home recently as well. She has been serving in Uganda with us for roughly eight months. She became the little sister I never knew I wanted. One of my favorite recent memories with her was going shopping at a huge outdoor market in downtown Kampala. We rummaged through piles and piles of second hand clothes while people were crowded around everywhere shopping, and selling. The hustle and bustle is both thrilling and exhausting. We both came out of that market with some really fun and unique Indian tunics... and maybe a headache or two from being hit in the head by giant parcels men carried on their heads walking through the narrow pathways. Ha! Her mom and dad were able to come out to Kampala before she left, and that was a huge encouragement. We love you Elizabeth, David, and Eva!

-Charlton and I celebrated our eight year wedding anniversary on May 24th. Praise the Lord! A very sweet, and anonymous friend sent us out for a weekend getaway to a beautiful resort. When we first arrived I was totally blown away by the room and view, and I honestly felt a little guilty. The poverty that we see daily make certain things feel slightly uncomfortable for me. Charlton really helped me work through it though. That weekend we also had a small family emergency occur, so the getaway weekend was almost cut short. But by the grace of God, that time really drew Charlton and I closer together, and it is such an amazing gift to spend time together in rich prayer.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

-We also had our first Mother's Day and Father's Day being parents of eight!

All my precious Mother's Day cards!

Charlton is an incredible daddy, and he never complains when he changes diapers!

Here I sit as a follower of Jesus, a wife, a home school mother of eight, living in a foreign land (and by that I mean, the world that we all currently live in), not even tasting the age of thirty yet. I feel so immature and unequipped at times. Yet here I sit, desperately praying and seeking for revival in the hearts of those around us. Feeling at different moments such happiness and heartbreak. Heartbreak when seeing people that you care about coming so close to making that eternal decision to follow Christ, struggling with them, weeping with them, and then seeing the cares of this world come in and gobble them up. The gospel message that the men teach here is not one of prosperity, and easy-belief ism. It's totally countercultural. Pray for us, and the land that we are sojourning in.

Because of Jesus,


Our little Hadassah Faith
The Crew
My sweet little kitchen helpers, always willing to lend a hand!
Okay. Yes. I had to add this delicious coffee treat. Come to Kampala ya'll.


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