My heart is full!

Packing, cleaning, and organizing are all expected tasked when you are moving, or shifting as they call it here in Uganda. Now, throw eight children and three dogs in the mix and you are ready for a load of fun!

We want to give our family and friends a small glimpse into the past week. This is not written with a complaining spirit, we just want to share our experiences and praise God through it all. Here is a short recap of the past week. Let’s see, our family has experienced malaria, giardia, projectile vomit all over the dinner table, diarrhea, pus wounds, character training, sleepless nights, furniture delays, immense trash pick up, plumbing problems, and to top it all off a drunk neighbor was wandering around our house at around 6am yesterday. Then I was yelled at by him, and threatened to be thrown in jail. Just another day at the pony rides folks! Long story short, yesterday when we were trying to figure out how someone got in to our back yard (our son ran into our room and told us that a strange man was by the back door) we discovered an open window into our yard behind one of our guest buildings. This window leads to a small rented room of a young man not older then 25 years old, who, the day before came to our house asking for school fees, after we saw him drinking vodka on the street.

Well, I poked my head up to look through the window we found, and to my surprise their was indeed a bedroom. The young man was there, and appeared surprised as well. I apologized for startling him, and then asked him why he was in our yard so early in the morning. He told me that I was mistaken and we had a friendly short exchange and I left. We decided we wanted to deal with this issue quietly, and peaceably. But that young man had another idea. He came over to our house a few hours later, after he saw Charlton leave, (he was over at little bar next to our house with his landlord, Charlton and the man made eye contact) and tried to accuse me of some terrible things! Later that afternoon when Charlton returned, he and had a long conversation with this man's landlord, because the landlord wanted to ask us why we were harassing his tenant. As a side note, the landlord was also clearly drunk. Through it all, we think that we have come up with the most peaceable solution possible, so praise the Lord for that.

Don’t let that story put you off about where we are living. We truly do have some really sweet neighbors that we have met, and our area is is ripe for ministry. We actually discovered that one of our Sudanese neighbors does house church! I have also met some sweet women, one of which owns a tiny shop next to our compound.

The children seem to be adjusting well, and are enjoying their new home. Here are some fun things that I am learning about my new children:
  • They love the freezer! Making ice is the coolest thing ever! 
  • We go through soap and toothpaste like crazy. I have never seen children with such joy over receiving a toothbrush and toothpaste. And they each brush for about ten minutes twice a day…. I guess we will see how long that lasts. :)
  • Carol (the oldest girl) loves to cook and bake. We made cookies for her very first time the other day for the neighbors. She is my very special helper, especially in the kitchen.
  • They take care of each other, and help each other out. It is really sweet to see.
  • Our new baby Katie literally purrs when she cries.
  • Our five year old boy does not speak English or Luganda so we have been able to use our Swahili with him. The little we know at least. 
This is real life folks! The good, the bad and the ugly--but Christ continues to shine strong through it all. Thank you for your continued prayers. Much love from this crazy bunch.

Sweet little Katie.
Boaz and Lokke drinking out of their water bottles. These water bottles were a hit!

Our three year old Cindy

Okay guys, Missy needed some attention too!

My two babies! Twins, I can hardly tell them apart.

Longoli and his ever present ice water.

These boys love to eat. On the menu tonight was rice pilau and eggplant sauce.


Because of Jesus,



  1. You are my hero!!! Wish we could visit and let our 17 kids run and play while we drink coffee or chai and talk about life. Praying for ya'll!!!
    Love, Darla


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