Tonight we are sitting at Cafe Java's in Entebbe waiting to pick up some very dear friends at the airport. Our friends from Kentucky have sold everything, and have decided to join us on the mission field here in Uganda. We are beyond thrilled to have them with us in Kampala! Please keep Greg and Lorna Stierle in your prayers during this time of transition.

So with a little extra time on my hands, Nana is at home with the children tonight, I thought I would write the first of many (hopefully) recipes that we love!

Matoke in Binyebwa

It is very important for us to understand and appreciate the culture here in Uganda, and a big part of any culture is the food! Here in Uganda, the main dish is usually centered on a sauce or stew of peanuts, beans, or meat. This dish is an easy, healthy, family favorite that is suitable for vegans.

Matoke, also known as green bananas, is the staple food for the Baganda tribe which is the largest tribe here in Uganda.  Binyebwa, is how you say peanuts in Luganda. So this dish is basically green bananas cooked in a peanut paste. It is delicious! Green bananas are grown all over the country, as well as peanuts. So this is truly a cost effective meal for a group of people.

Matoke is mostly eaten mashed up and cooked in a banana leaf. But Charlton and I prefer simply peeling the banana and boiling it in the peanut sauce whole.


- About 3 or 4 bananas per adult
- Peanut paste about 1 kg
- Water
- Onion
- Tomato

Or any type of vegetable that you would prefer. If you really want to get fancy, add some fish!


Prep Time: Around 30 minutes
Cook Time: 1. 5 hours

1. Peel your green bananas
2. Cut up any other desired vegetables
3. Add peanut paste to pot, and slowly add water until you reach your desired consistency
4. Keep stirring until paste has dissolved and sauce has come to a boil
5. Add vegetables
6. After sauce is cooking for about 30 minutes add cooking bananas and let sit on low for about an hour. If you would like, you can cook the sauce and matoke until you see oil forming on top.



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