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I have been sick with pneumonia, so the past three weeks I have not had the time or energy to try and do my monthly update. I would like to blog more often, and really hope to in the future. But this seems to be the best I can do at this time.

We thought it would be fun to do a January update in pictures instead of words. I will try and give a brief description of the different pictures you see, just so you know exactly what you are looking at. Let the randomness begin, and these are not in chronological order.

Shall we start with with some dysfunctional family photos? The Michael's, all shown below, spent some time in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan recently. When their missions trip was over, they were able to spend some time with us, and we decided to take a few pictures together. If anyone is wondering, Michael is Charlton's older brother. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite shots.

We spent some time in Jinja together at Sonrise. Since our family is currently pursuing fostering to adopt, these guys wanted to meet the aunties, and all the children. Here is Angel helping a little one on the morning walk.

Look at my big girl walking down the path!
Such a sweetie.
Michael teaching at a local church on authority.
Our car broke down and we had to replace the CAM shaft. That's always fun.
Missy is our German Shepherd who is pictured above. Heidi and I take her on a walk about five days a week early in the morning. On one particular morning we came across two abandoned puppies on the side of busy street. We could not just leave them there, so we brought them home and Missy adopted them. :) We named the little girl Lady, and the little boy Lester. Looks like the family who will be moving out next month will be taking in Lester, so his name may change.

Little mutts have actually grown quite a bit since this photo.
The sewage line busted due to some tree roots. We could not find an available plumber and we were swimming in poo so to speak. So Charlton and Joseph, with the approval and financial backing of the landlord, dug a trench and laid a new line into the septic tank. All I can say is these are some hard working men, who are true servants of the Lord. No job is too dirty for them.

Brother Victor is currently in Kampala for radiation treatment from Kenya. It has been such a joy to spend time with this man, and his joy is truly inspiring. What a great opportunity this has been for Joseph to start a bible study at the hospital with patients. More about that later on www.fotw-ug.org.



  1. Oh, Sweazys~how I love you! Awesome photo update. Natasha, you should have told me you were sick!! I am praying for you. xo Beautiful children (black, white, green and all lol) You guys are doing a spectacular job.


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