It's currently 3:25am Uganda time. From the title of this post, I think it's pretty clear why I am awake-- or rather, still awake. Time change. What a bitter reminder that all our loved ones in the States are all awake, and many of them are likely together on this Friday night.

Our power is out, so I am writing this offline due to our wifi needing electricity to operate. Power outages, as well as our city water being out from time to time is a perfectly normal occurrence in Kampala. These little inconveniences are a small price to pay to be able to live in a city like ours. I really like Kampala, and it is nice being back.

Today, Charlton and I took Elizabeth and Heidi (two wonderful young ladies who will be staying with our family for a time to help with medical missions) into town with Boaz. While Wanda, Ava, and Hadassah stayed back at the house. On our short walk to take public transport, we were greeted by the sweetest little neighbor children calling out Mzungu in unison, and hugging our legs. Such a sweet welcome home. We ended up taking a few Boda Boda's, also known as motorcycles, to get to our location. It was refreshing driving through town and seeing all the people again, while a lovely breeze smelling like tropical rain was surrounding us on our little Boda journey. Such a freeing experience, small as it may be, especially after all the rules and restrictions on the American roads. A little freedom and adventure felt good, I have to admit. :)

One of the errands on our list for town today was buying a new car battery. When we went to start our car this morning it was completely dead, so we had to purchase a new one, as well as get Ugandan shillings, new SIM cards for phones and buying groceries. Of course, we had to go to lunch at Cafe Java's, it is a tradition at this point when someone either arrives or leaves. 

Well, that was a piece our day yesterday. Today, I see a lot of cleaning and unpacking going on. Right now, I'll try and get a few Zzzzz's before the baby wakes up.

Sojourning in Kampala -Natasha 


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