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This morning as I sat down to return a few emails, a story came to my mind called Pilgrim’s Progress. This is a story written by John Bunyan in the 1600s about a man named Christian. Christian leaves his home in the City of Destruction, and begins a long journey to the Celestial City. He meets many pilgrims on his journey, and travels through places such as Vanity Fair, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death. He does indeed reach his heavenly home, and along the way learns rich lessons.

My journey heavenward, is looking very similar to that of Christian’s. On his journey toward the House Beautiful he sees lions on each side of the path, which causes him to hesitate. The Porter of the Lodge, whose name was Watchful, called out to Christian and said, “Is your faith weak? Why be fearful? Don’t be afraid of the lions, for they are both chained. They are placed there to try the faith of travelers and to discover those who have no faith. Keep in the middle of the path, and you will not be hurt.” For some reason, this particular part of the story really stood out to me. Keep in the middle of the path. We will face many tribulations entering the kingdom of heaven. But we can not give up, no matter how many trials we face. So whoever may be reading this, I want you to take courage faithful warrior. We are on a journey to our homeland!

It seems like our journey has recently taken many surprising twists, and turns. One unexpected turn has been the invitation from some brothers, and sisters in Christ from Boston, to come to the States at the end of the month. We will be visiting Massachusetts, Kentucky, and will also be spending a weekend in Pennsylvania for a kingdom fellowship gathering. Our faithful, yet weary souls could sure use some refreshment. We are extremely grateful, and excited for this opportunity.
A reminder to all you faithful warriors out there, take courage.

Because of Jesus,



  1. Oh, Natasha! You get to go home for a visit!!! God is soooo good. So excited for you! I was chatting with David Servant one day and he so graciously reminded me that even though it seems like it sometimes, it's not ALL hard and bad lol God gives us times of refreshing as well. Love you!

    1. That is the truth! And we love ya'll too. Praying for you, and the family. -Natasha xo

  2. Hi Natasha :)
    I had emailed you awhile back, but just wanted to make sure it was the correct email address ... Did u get my email ? If not Maybr you can let me know what your email is ?
    Thanks !!

    1. Madison, please check your email. Thanks! -Natasha


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