From the outside looking in— one may not give these gates a second thought.

From the outside looking in— ordinary, peeling paint hides the beauty that lies within.

The beauty that I speak of, is children. Precious, priceless, lovable, beautiful Uganda children. We have a wonderful mix of about 38 boys and girls living life behind these gates— all from different walks of life. But during the week you will find close to 100 children here, going to primary school. The one thing that I can say for certain, that all these children have in common, is that they have a Father in heaven who loves them deeply. 

Family and friends, we would like to introduce you to our new home away from home. 

Welcome to SASCU!

Our family drove into Uganda with our van packed to the brim with all our earthly possessions on June 1st. 

Since then we have been settling into our new home, which Future Hope Ministries leased for our family to live in for the year. It is about ten minutes away from where we will be working. In Kenya, our home had the clinic running out of it, and we had people coming and going all day, everyday. So, I can not tell you just how nice the past couple of weeks have been, being in a home where we can just sit back and take a deep breath.

But sitting back and taking a deep breath, is not something that we will be able to do often, for there is lots of work to do! :)

Our number one mission is teaching about the Kingdom of God, and making disciples. So, we want to get to know the staff, create friendships, and pray that a doors will open for true discipleship. We want to pour into all the adults that play a role in these children’s lives. 

Mark and Laura White have been doing everything in their power these past few years to make sure all the needs of these children have been met. We absolutely love the White family, and appreciate all the hard work that they have been, and are continuing to do.

The children at SASCU, like I mentioned above are precious.  They are really good kids, but having said that, we certainly have our work cut out for us. We are coming in as a mom and dad figure. Guiding these children spiritually, and showing them what a godly marriage looks like. After observing for a few days, we feel like initially establishing some authority is going to be extremely important. Our desire is love, and treat each child like they are our own. 

In the immediate future Charlton, and Nashon will be doing spiritual assessments with each one of the children to see exactly where they are at; what they believe, and why they believe what they do. Like I said, each child comes from a different background, and the Prosperity Gospel is VERY prominent in Kampala. One thing that we are all really excited about is starting a children’s church at SASCU next Sunday morning! WOOWHOO! More details on that later...

Now, for those of you who do not know Nashon, he is a brother-in-Christ who moved to Kampala with us from Kenya. He totally gets the vision, and is a really great young man. ( I will be posting more about him soon, with some fun stories to share.) 

Family, and friends-- we love you dearly. Thanks for taking the time to read about our newest adventure. Please continue to pray for us. I will close by sharing a few more photos with you.

Because of Jesus,


Charlton, Me, Mark & Wanda

This is beautiful little girl is named Noel. She told me that she has no siblings, so I told her that Hadassah can be her little sister. Every free moment she has now when we are around, you will see her wanting to hold and care for Hadassah. Such a little mama!

Ava's first day at SASCU! Needless to say, she had fun playing with chalk.

Boaz's first day at SASCU! He is coloring with a little boy named Emma.


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