Throughout my life I have commonly heard... it just takes time to get used to your new normal.

Is there even such thing as normal? If there is, I'm convinced I will never experience it again.

Between trying to home school my four year old, potty training my two year old, being my four month old's EVERYTHING, cleaning the house without any modern conveniences, cooking and preparing food (have I mentioned we don’t have a refrigerator), and the now ever present battle of taking clothes off the clothes lines before the rains, and putting all the wet ones back up when the rains stop. It’s easy to see that time in Kenya is stretched. Please don’t get me wrong, I would not trade being at home with my babies for anything. But time is not something I find myself in great excess off these days. And giving of one’s time, in my mind, is one of the most loving things you can do. It is far better to give then receive.


Where has all the time gone? It was only today that Charlton reminded me that on the 15th of this month we have officially lived here one year. SAY WAA?! With everything going on, it’s easy to let things slip your mind. The later part of last month Charlton made a trip to Tanzania to preach the gospel of the Kingdom with brother Glenn, and further the discipleship of a refugee family. Then this month we already made a trip to the capital city to apply for Hadassah’s passport, and other important documents. Time. We are also preparing to make a trip at the end of the month to stay at Agape Children’s Home in Kisumu. We have been personally invited by the director to come and get training, more or less. They have been rescuing children off the streets for twenty years! We have so much to glean from their experiences. They are also giving us access to their children curriculum! This is such a praise God. He is ever present, directing our path.


Oh, how I had envisioned writing a clever, and ever so witty blog outlining the past year of our lives! As ya’ll know, so many things have been going on. But alas friends, you will have to settle for this. :)

But, if I could sum up our year in Kenya into one word, it would have to be surrender. Not the surrender of “stuff,” even though we have done that. Not the surrender of family and friends, even though we have done that as well. But the surrender of SELF. The core of who I am, or better yet, of who I was. I can’t even begin to explain the depths of what God has reveled to my soul.

Now, as we are inching closer and closer to Uganda my mind can’t help to wonder— What revelations will the Lord show us there? What hidden adventures is the future holding for us. Time will tell.


Until then, we will continue to pray, and seek the face of Christ. We are forever humbled with the love our family and friends have shown to us this past year. We would not be here without you. Thank you.

I have to randomly add, that the one thing I dislike about blogging, is that it is so one-sided. Being the relational person that I am, I would like nothing more then to share these updates, and stories face to face. I will end this post by sharing some words from my friend Mariellen. She ended a family news letter with this recently, and to be honest, I could not say it any better myself.

“It’s been so one-sided, and lest you would be tempted to think that our life sounds perfect, let me assure you, it’s NOT. Not close. But our life is full. Rich. Blessed. Praise God… Come visit us. Anytime. We’ll put some coffee on, and you can tell us about your life. Today, we want to wish you God’s richest blessing and clearest guiding of your path. Stay faithful to Him. Keep your eyes on His, especially when all else is dark around you. And if we never meet here on earth again, might we meet around the throne of God, our voices blending in eternal praise?”

Because of Jesus,


“In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35


  1. We are so blessed to know you. You are in our constant prayers. The Lord bless you and keep you.

    1. Thank you Greg! We are blessed to know you as well. So thankful for you guys. Blessings. -Natasha


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