Perspective. Sometimes that is all we really need.

While driving to church this Sunday, we saw a man bloody and beat up, being walked back to a motorcycle accident. If you cause an accident here in Kenya, you will be punished. Usually by a swift beating. We also passed by the city trash site, where we saw many men picking through the trash. They were looking for food to eat, and things to sell.  And right before we pulled into the gates of the children's home for church service, we saw young men wondering the streets, sniffing glue-- high as a kite.

Perspective. Life is not always wrapped up in a pretty box, with colorful ribbons. There is real hurt, and pain outside of our own little world. We are like that sometimes. I know I am. We focus so much on ourselves, and the things we want to accomplish or the problems we are going through. That we don't take the time to see the struggles of others, or listen to the still small voice of God speaking into our lives.

Charlton, the children, and I are visiting Agape Children's Home this week in Kisumu. The director invited us to come out and get some first hand experience. Since we will be relocating to Kampala to work with street kids, this is an amazing opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at a successful organizations ins and outs. They have been helping the street boys of Kisumu for over 20 years! So many children have been helped, and the name of Jesus has been glorified by there work. But, they have shared many mistakes with us that they have made along the way. Our eyes have been opened to many things, and I have come to realize just how naive I have been in my thinking. Perspective.

We ask for your prayers this week, that the Lord would speak to us and show us His will. Also, please remember the streets children of East Africa. If we don't pray for them, who will?


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