Our Sweet Little Blessing!

On November 13th, 2014 at 6:40 in the morning we welcomed a brand new addition to our family. The much anticipated birth of our third child, Hadassah Faith. She weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces and was about 18 inches long.

We are so thankful, and praise God for our healthy baby girl. Children are such a sweet blessing, and I am truly enjoying the bonding time that we have shared the past few weeks, and I have experienced such joy. Her birth story was pretty dramatic, it is certainly one for the books! But when all is said and done, what I will remember most is all the love that has surrounded our family during this time. The families who have been continually praying for us, all over the world. The sweet sisters who have offered uplifting words of encouragement, advice, and wisdom. And all the delicious meals that have been lovingly prepared for us will always be beautiful memories. Thank you.

Charlton and I have always loved the name Hadassah. Yes, it is an unusual name in the western world. But the name holds such a story, and has such beautiful meaning. Hadassah actually means “myrtle tree.” I read somewhere that man is like a tree of the field. Therefore the righteous are called myrtles, likened to a good tree with a pleasant smell. Not only that, Hadassah is the Hebrew name of Queen Esther in the Bible. An orphan taken in by her uncle, risks it all to serve God and save her people! Wow.

After Ava was born, we decide that if God ever blessed us with another baby girl we would name her Hadassah. We had never met anyone with that name before. But fast forward about four years, and here we are Kenya, pregnant with a baby girl. And wouldn’t you know, we met another missionary family (The Weavers, Marlin+Darla and their eight children) who live in Kenya, who had a baby girl named Hadassah. Little Hadassah Faith Weaver was born on November 21st of last year, she was born with anencephaly. The doctor said she may have had a faint pulse when she was born, but then she went to be with Jesus. Their story moved us deeply, so in honor of Hadassah Faith Weaver, and with Marlin and Darla's blessing, we gave our Hadassah the same middle name as her.  I truly believe that the Lord brought our two families together. We have been so encouraged by Marlin and Darla. The love that they share as a couple, and as a family has been such an inspiration to us. To find out more about their story and journey check out their blog at

The Weavers are currently serving the Lord in Kisumu, which is about a three or four hour drive from where we live. Kisumu is actually the third largest city in Kenya, and the closest “major” city to us. After checking out a hospital there when we were on a visit, we decided that we wanted to have our baby in Kisumu. The maternity ward was very nice, and very clean! They also seemed to have modern equipment. This decision also allowed us to have much more privacy and family time when the baby was born. So while we were waiting for Hadassah to grace us with her presents, we made some lasting memories as a family, as well as with the Weavers and other families they are serving.

Nothing can capture a memory like a photo. Thought I'd kick off the memory slide show with a couple amazing pictures of Charlton and Marlin. Two peas in a pod. The pictures speak for themselves.

These are some awesome men, taking time out to play with their children.
We enjoyed a beautiful dinner on Lake Victoria while waiting for Hadassah.
The Weavers introduced us to paneer, which is a certain type of cheese, for the first time.
 As Marlin would say, "COME TO PAPA!"

One morning we took a two hour boat ride on Lake Victoria.
This is Hippo Point, we saw many hippos, birds, and other wild life.

These are all fisherman.
They gather here at the fish market, to sell their fish.

We also had the opportunity to visit Impala Sanctuary.
Which is the closest thing to a zoo we have found in Kenya.
It was so much fun, the children loved it!

How cute is this little gang.
These are the two youngest Weavers, Levi and Jacob.
They were all playing lions on the rocks.
Ava cracks me up in this picture!
Ava playing in the trees with some of the missionary children.
Charlton and Marlin cooking up some enchiladas.

Boaz turned two years old while we were in Kisumu.
His birthday is one day before his sisters.

This group reminds me of the Little Rascals!
It was a fun day of playing.
Happy Birthday Boaz!

Boaz showing me the gum one of the children gave him as a gift.
Boaz received a Fire Truck from the Weavers. 
And a tool set from us, which we brought from America.
This is our dog Missy. She is a four month old German Shepherd.
She has been in our family since October. A family from the mission
compound here gave her to us for free. While in Kisumu she got to
hangout with her sister, the Weavers dog, Ramona.
Ava's gift to Boaz was some money and a paper airplane. :)
The Girls: Darla and her beautiful daughter Emily.
Hadassah, Ava, and me a couple days after she was born.

With Love,
Charlton & Natasha


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