My heart is full.

Today at fellowship, two new disciples joined us. They are from the streets of Kitale. 

We were out of town for a few days last week, and during that time two men from our trash pit mission surrendered to the Lordship of Christ, and were baptized. Praise God. 

Moses, and Emmanuel are currently staying with an elder of our church. These young men literally lived on the trash mount, and they are currently not spiritually strong enough to stand on their own. So an elder from our congregation opened up his home, and said that these men are his “sons”. So now, the real discipleship begins. The long term goal is to strengthen them, so they can go back to Kitale and minister to their people by making more disciples and planting a home church. 

Tomorrow night they will be joining our family for dinner, and we hope to get to know them better and hear more about their lives. 

With Love,



  1. Rejoicing and praising God with you over this good news!!! Hallelujah!


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