Guys, I have to start this post by saying God is good. Between traveling, gardening, bible study, foster care classes, and the usual day to day work... God is good. He has opened up so many doors for us the past few months. I'd like to update everyone on some new developments in our foster care journey.

Charlton and I are officially certified foster parents!  The past few months we have been meeting with a social worker weekly. During our meetings we discussed book material she gave us to help us mentally prepare for taking in a vulnerable child. After the book material was finished, I was CPR certified by a brother-in-christ who graciously gave his time to help. Then this past weekend we redecorated Ava's room to accommodate two more children. We got a great deal on a bunk bed with a trundle. Charlton put it together, and I cleared up drawer and closest space. This was in preparation for our home study that was this past Wednesday. The home study went great! Our certificate will be in the mail soon, and we are on the referral call list.

Speaking of being on the call list... yesterday we got our first call. Without giving out too many details, our social worker called us with an emergency placement. Basically, within an hour little ones would be at our house. We agreed to take in two children, but not long after that first call we received another call informing us they found a home that could accommodate all the siblings. So praise God for that! But what a rush, I was shaking and nervous but also excited. It's one thing to read about fostering, but when you get that first call! Wow!  So, we've been initiated.

Please pray for God's will, and that He will be glorified through this whole process. We want to learn as much as we can, so we can take that knowledge and help others to help others. Empowering the saints... here as well as in Kenya.

“The love of a foster mother for her charge appears 
absolutely irrational.”  

-Winston Churchill

I can not wait to experience that 'absolutely irrational' love. 

Praying that everyone has a blessed, and joyful week.


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