This has been quite an exciting month for our family.

Charlton and I just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this past Friday. We decided to take a trip to Natural Bridge, and camp for a couple days with Ava and Boaz. We had a really nice time, and Ava hiked a mile and a half on her own! All and all, great first camping trip for the little ones!

We also got the community garden (Victory Garden) at church planted. We planted tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, and watermelon. We have been so blessed by the relationships that have been built from working in the garden, and we look forward to see how God is going to use this garden to bless others. Not just feeding the belly, but feeding the soul.

The beginning of this month we also had the privilege to attended The Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit 9. I already wrote a blog about our time there, but I left something out...


This is something that God placed on our hearts a while back. But, with the house being on the market and our plans to move to Africa we put that "thought"on the back burner. Well, wouldn't you know, when God tells you to do something- He means it. Thankfully He keeps gently nudging! 

Summit 9 was a tugging reminder of the vast need for foster families. So many children in our own backyard are in desperate need of a loving family to care for them... even if just temporarily. These children have had a rough life, and may have never seen a functional family unit. As the church, we are all called to care for the poor and oppressed. That looks different for everyone, but children near and far NEED to be shown the love the Jesus. I desire to give a child a peaceful oasis, while helping their birth parent get back on their feet. If that does not, or can not happen, our family is open for adoption. 

It is through Him, that the hopeless find hope. It is through Him, that the joyless find joy. It is through Him, that we have the strength to fight this battle. Through Him.

So, this month we found an agency that will work around Charlton's 24/48 schedule for private foster parent classes. We've already had an initial meeting with the social worker and got all of our paperwork. We are required to meet with her six time, to go over the six sections in the foster care book. We will also be receiving two home studies, and we need to get fingerprinted/background checks. Hopefully, we'll have a little girl placed with us no later then July.

This is all in God's hands, and I have no idea what He is going to do. Please pray for our family. Pray that God will give us wisdom, and that our hearts will remain soft to His leading. This Thursday at 3pm we will be going over section one with our social worker... can hardly wait.



  1. So happy for you guys! Love what God is doing through you. :)


  2. Natasha! That's wonderful! We're STILL in the process of being approved and we took our classes in October! I keep getting frustrated, but know, that it is in His timing that it will all work out. Its a hard process- we'll be praying for you guys! PS, congratulations on getting to Lexington!

  3. I will be praying for you guys as well Julie. His timing is perfect. God bless you while you are in the waiting process.


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