“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witness in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Here are some recent highlights from East Africa: over 100 people have surrendered to Jesus Christ and have been baptized, including over 66 Muslims and three Imams; numerous businesses have been launched as a result of loans funded by you, our generous contributors; our mission team has grown substantially; and Glenn Roseberry is now in Tanzania! We trust the reports and photos will bless you and challenge you to become a part of the wonderful work God is doing globally. Our desire through Kingdom-Driven Ministries is to initiate organic, disciple-making movements that are spearheaded by locals rather than foreign missionaries. We’re excited to report that this is becoming a reality as we develop a strong network of Kenyans who are now mobilized and active in doing the work of the ministry. Among them are David, Silas and Henry, Rose M., Rose W., Annette, Erustus, and Tonny.

We just received a report from Erustus about a business loan that he received. He said it was a major blessing, and the business is doing great. He is now FREE and preaching/discipling full-time! His wife works the shop while he is in the field. He goes over sales and sets profit aside for repayment of the micro loan each evening. With the repayment of the micro loan back into the general fund, another family will be empowered in the same way.

David shared a similar story. With a small loan, he opened a shop that is staffed by his wife, and he is is free to be a full-time Kingdom minister while his family is provided for.
You can help others do the same! We currently have five approved applicants waiting for sponsorship. These candidates are all Kingdom Christians with hearts for discipleship. You will not simply be providing for a needy family; you will be empowering saints to get busy on the mission of preaching the Kingdom and making disciples. Go to http://kingdomdriven.org/microloan-candidates-awaiting-sponsorship to bless a brother or sister in Christ with a microloan.

God is moving, and He is empowering His people to go.This past month our brother in Christ (and KDM team member) Glenn Roseberry moved from Memphis, Tennessee to Africa! His destination is Tanzania, but he decided to start his journey in Kenya so he could visit with the Carriers and join them in their efforts to share the good news. We pray that Glenn will launch a movement among the locals in Tanzania like what has been initiated here in Kenya. Here is an excerpt from Glenn’s blog describing his first day in Kenya:
Day 1.  “My first day in Kenya started at 2:25 as I landed in Nairobi.  The flight was good and I slept most of the way on the plane on both long legs.  Spoke to very few as I flew with Germans and Turks.  Turkish Airlines was NOT a very English language friendly airline.  I landed and was met by a brother named David Wanjala and took a very bumpy ride to his home to “rest” for a few hours before my 6 hour bus ride to Kitale.
Within 15 minutes of the trip I realized that David lived in a very depressed area of Nairobi.  It was in the slums.  The roads between the stark buildings were almost impassable.  Huge ruts, extremely narrow roads, barely could get a car down the paths between the buildings.  It looked like Beirut after the war.  Like a bombed out war zone without the bodies strewn around the streets.  Since we were leaving in a few hours for the bus ride the “taxi” driver agreed to wait and sleep in the car outside the building David called home and guard my luggage.  The building David lived in had no electricity and stunk of urine and feces.  David’s apartment was clean and cozy.  His lovely wife greeted me and could not contain her joy over my staying with them.  She cooked me “Irish” potatoes, the best I ever had, and served me hot cocoa.  Every few seconds they told me welcome.  David shared that he was forced to leave his village and flee to the city after becoming a Christian.  He has since started 4 house churches and is a diligent disciple maker.  He is humble and determined.  Marc extended him a small micro loan to open a small stand or stall in a crowded part of town.  His wife runs it and he evangelizes almost every day.  He is Marc’s ideal or model disciple.  It seems that Marc frequently has a brother come to Lord, fully commits, Marc makes a small micro loan to provide them a meager income while the disciple dedicates their entire lives to making disciples that make disciples.  David, his wife and their three children sleep on the floor on mats in a three room apartment.  They are very content and constantly praise God for their good fortune.  Especially in being able to host me.  Imagine that.  It is humbling.  I am the one honored for being in the presence of a man that has truly laid It all down for Jesus.”
To continue reading about Glenn’s journey visit his blog at gokingdom.wordpress.com.
Also in KDM news, The Sweazy family and Bill VanHuss (KDM team members) had the pleasure of attending, and setting up a booth for, Kingdom Driven Ministries at the Conservative Mennonite Conference in Goshen, Indiana. The conference was wonderful, and so was being around so many others that were drawn to teaching that centered on the theme, “People of peace in a violent world.” This is what Jesus calls us to be. His example while on this earth (and as read in His words in the Sermon on the Mount) is precious and rare. We would like to thank the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC) for allowing us to set up a booth. We are so thankful and appreciative of all of you who are taking an interest in the work that is happening in East Africa.
This is only a glimpse into our ongoing work for Kingdom expansion. For more stories and to see how you can get involved, you can visit our Web site (www.kingdomdriven.org), or check our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/kingdomdrivenministries. Marc Carrier and Glenn Roseberry also keep their Facebook posts current, so you can see what’s happening in real-time there: https://www.facebook.com/marc.carrier.982 or https://www.facebook.com/glenn.roseberry.
On behalf of Kingdom Driven Ministries, Grace, Mercy & Peace to you in our King Jesus’ name!


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