As some of you may have noticed, we have not posted any video logs... and it's June 3rd.
Two words. Technical difficulty.

We filmed the past two days, but have been unable to load the video's into iMovie. Finally last night my savvy husband got everything loaded and ready to go. Well, today as I was editing I realized that on half the footage the voices are really fast and don't match up to the video. 

Alas, I am frustrated... and I apologize for my lack of iMovie knowledge to fix this situation right now.

We have had a great weekend however. On Saturday, we had a yard sale from 7am until 12pm. We cleared up a lot of space in the garage, and made some extra money. Getting ride of things feels so good, it's letting go of some of this worlds entanglements. 

We have also been super busy cleaning and organizing in the house. A few weeks ago, we had a showing and that couple said they wanted to come back for a 2nd showing at some point this weekend. Word is, they are interested in making an offer. In all things, I just pray for the Lord's perfect timing and patience to make it through.

Well, just wanted to give you all a little update. Hope you had a blessed Lord's day.


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