In Matthew 9:37-38 Jesus says to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” Even though Jesus made this statement, we as Christians sometimes tend to walk into the world ready to be a laborer and shortly after, become discouraged thinking the harvest doesn’t seem to be plentiful where I’m at.

I can relate to this feeling because I to have had the same question at times, especially in America. In a society that is so self dependent, and driven by success, it seems everywhere you turn people prefer to pursue the god of this world along with the pleasures, comforts, and securities the world has to offer.

Though this may seem to be the case, don’t be discouraged because it’s not. Jesus’ words are still true the harvest really is plentiful. People are seeking and asking questions. I think the question we really need to be asking ourselves is, are we truly laboring in the harvest? Are we going out with the most amazing message that has ever been taught, and telling people?

Think about it Jesus Christ the Son of the living God came to this earth proclaiming THE KINGDOM OF GOD. A kingdom that is like no other kingdom, a kingdom that heals, and liberates, one that is and will reign supreme forever! Can you believe we are given the opportunity to not only become citizens of this kingdom, but we can be a servant of the King and not just servants, but sons and daughters. Jesus tells us that if we obey his word the Father will love us and They will come and make Their home in us!!! Is that not powerful and amazing? It doesn’t stop there Jesus willingly laid down His life as a ransom to free us from the clutches of our captor (Satan) making a way for us to be freed so we can be reconciled to the Father. What more do we need to inspire us to not only labor, but serve and die! We shouldn’t fear what people will think, or fear what they might do to us, because Christians don’t fear death we embrace it. The scripture says, be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within you! How could we but not be beaming with JOY as followers of Christ.

So I will ask again are we truly laboring in the harvest, are we living for a kingdom that is not of this world, are we teaching the Gospel Jesus taught, are we in an obedient love faith relationship with Jesus Christ the KING of that kingdom?


  1. A great word for me at this time. Sometimes it is frustrating working with the poor here. They are open to so much God has for them and then the culture has blinded them to so much more. Pray for me as I work among them. They need the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.


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