Hey everyone! I felt like I should give you all a little update on Charlton. He has been in Kenya for eight days now, and God is doing some mighty things! He flew into Nairobi, with three brothers, and they spent about six days sharing the Kingdom of God in the slums. Then they traveled to Marc, and Cindy Carrier's house. Some friends from Uganda came to stay with The Carriers as well, and from what I've heard the fellowship and worship is amazing! They are doing Kingdom training, and evangelism. On Sunday fourteens Kenyans were baptized! Marc, and another gentleman have been working with these people. Here is a short facebook update from Marc's facebook, "yesterday was teaching at my house and watched baptism of 14 kenyans in the river. it was awesome. these were the folks henry and i reached going house to house. henry finished going thru spiritual inventory w them all saturday and burnt the papers. steven was rebaptized by charlton. mama, the formerly paralyzed woman walked into the water herself!" Charlton had the opportunity to re-baptize his friend Steve. And a woman who was paralyzed was healed! Apparently there was even a Black Mamba (highly venomous snake) swimming in the pond they were in! As you can see God is moving! Please continue to lift Charlton, Steve, Michael, and Daniel up in your prayers. Also pray for Marc, he was diagnosed with malaria today. Much love!


  1. Hey Natasha! I have watched your videos and read your whole blog! What an awesome testimony and privilege to be living out the bible and going to Africa and loving "the least of these." You family is in my prayers and I would love to hear more as you post about your journey to Africa! In Christ, Kassi

  2. Thank you so much Kassi! It is very encouraging to know that we have people praying for us. God is so good, and I appreciate your kind words.


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