November 04, 2014


"When the starter’s gunshot was heard, all of the contestants started toward the finish line. Granted, they were not as fast as the regular high school racers. In fact, because of their handicaps, they were so slow that they even talked to each other along the way.

About 3/4 of the way to the goal, something happened. Suzie fell and skinned her knee. She began to cry because it hurt. Carl, who was beside her, stopped and spoke kindly to her. All of those who were behind her, when they caught up, stopped also to add their condolences. Some called ahead to the rest of the gang to let then know what was happening. Because the others were not too far ahead, they heard the calls of those behind then and came back to be with Suzie too.

After a while, when she was feeling better, two of her friends helped her to stand up. Then the friends standing beside her and holding her arms said, “ We will help you to the finish line.” All of the others also said, “So will we!” At that point, everyone held hands and made their was slowly down the track, keeping pace with limping Suzie. Then, as one big wide chain, they all crossed the finish line together!"

~Author unknown

I recently read this short story in a magazine called 'The Remnant’ and found it very encouraging. So, I just had to share it with all of you! We all have our Suzie moments don’t we? Where we fall down and get hurt, and feel as if we just won’t be able to finish this race... 

Isn’t this a beautiful picture of what the body of Christ should look like? Stopping right where we are at, no matter how important our schedules and plans seem to be, and giving our time and attention to the least of these my brethren. Not seeking self, but truly loving and unifying with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray with me, that we will all finish this race together. 

With Love,


October 22, 2014


Do you ever look in the mirror, and not like what you see? Maybe little things about your body bother you, and no matter how hard you try to hide your imperfections, they still find a way to capture your thoughts.

Sometimes, you even end up comparing yourself to others. Picking out not only the superficial flaws in your own self, but in others as well. This starts poisoning your eyes, so you can no longer see what true beauty is.

Our thought pattern is under one of two masters, either God or Satan.

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7)

It is extremely important that the Holy Spirit guides and regulates our thought pattern. Like it or not, our body responds to the input of our minds. When our thoughts are filled with truth, love, victory, and hope... we can overcome anything with God!

The definition of an overcomer is: to get the better of in a struggle or conflict; conquer; defeat: to overcome the enemy.

My friend Mary is a beautiful overcomer. Her thoughts are filled with victory, even though, by first glance, you would not think so.

Some say beauty is only skin deep... but I say beauty penetrates to the soul.

Mary was abandoned by her mother when she was a baby. The challenges that this young girl posed was greater then her mother was willing or able to handle. Her grandmother took her in, and raised her as her own. She faced many health issues as a youth, but God continually healed her. He brought her through her darkest times. Now she is a grown women, with a grown daughter of her own. She single handedly cares for her grandmother, who so kindly cared for her. Currently, Mary's grandmother is in her early 90's with many health problems of her own. Mary also takes care of their large garden, is going to school for sewing, and still finds time to play sitting volleyball in her free time.

With everything that this women does, I'd have to say the most impressive thing about her, is the joyful noise she makes when singing worship songs to our Lord. I've never heard her complain about her handicap. I've only seen joy radiating through her from her smile. She truly has chosen who will rule her thought pattern. The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

Mary was baptized this past June, and has been attending our home fellowship since. We are actually in the process of getting her some custom shoes. We need to take care of those beautiful feet.


As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

With Love,


October 20, 2014


Last month, we had a maize shelling work day here in Kenya. As many of you know, it can be very time consuming to load pictures where we live, so I apologize for the late posting. 

This was my first experience with shelling maize, and with everyone working together it turned out to be a lot of fun. I was forewarned that I might get some blisters, but I am happy to report that I did not get any blisters just sore hands. The reason for the sore hands, is because we shelled by hand! Imagine that.  It's the easiest traditional system for shelling maize, you simply press your thumbs on the grains in order to detach them from the ears. I used a knife to help remove the first row of grains, it was a very useful tool. Cindy Carrier is an awesome teacher, and definitely has more experience in this area then I do. 

Here at Kingdom Driven Ministries Kenya, we help with the various needs of the poor in our area. To help the hungry we provide farming training, and vocational skills. We also grow food and maintain stores of grains for our needy neighbors. I can't stress enough what a great experience we had working together for the common good of others. After all, as Christians we are called to love our neighbor as ourself. (James 2:8)

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With Love,