March 22, 2014


Below is short video of some things that are ahead of us as we prepare for the big move, as well as an update on a food and supply drop that Marc and some locals made back in February!

As a side note praise God our entry permits/visas have been approved for our first 2 years! All glory to God for this falling into place just at the right time. Thank you to all those that have been praying about this.

February 27, 2014


Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

David Servant and his ministry Heaven's family have been on a short term mission in East Africa this last month. During that time they made a stop to see our dear brethren the Carrier's and Glenn Roseberry! Heaven's Family has been very instrumental in providing resources and funding for Kingdom Driven Ministries as well as KDM partnering in some of Heaven's Family relief work in East Africa.

Below is a link to David Servant's newest blog where he highlights his time with Marc and Glenn.
You can also read some of his older posts from the last few weeks on his journey in Africa!

February 15, 2014


Today is my final day as a Lexington Fireman. Above is a pictuer with my crew, so thankful to work with these guys! Below I'm sharing the goodbye message I sent out today. We are excited as we draw closer to our departure date!

Greetings Everyone,
I just want to take a moment to say goodbye to everyone. As you may or may not know the last couple of years my family and I have been making preparations to move to East Africa, the Lord has allowed things to fall in place and we finally have a departure date! My last day at Lexington Fire is today the 15th. I have enjoyed my time as a Lexington firefighter it was my dream job as a child growing up, I will miss it and all of you very much it was a blessing to serve the amount of time that I did. My family and I are looking forward to the work God has in store for us as we transition to an entire new country and way of life, but it serves as a reminder that we are truly just sojourners in this life and we are citizens of a kingdom not of this world. As citizens of the kingdom of God my family and I have surrendered ourselves and our dreams to serve the greatest King of all Jesus, I know as I have talked with many of you what we are embarking on and the things we are doing don't really make sense, and I appreciate all the concerns and questions many of you have expressed and please feel free to e-mail or call if you want to talk more, I will try and answer a few of the basic questions in this e-mail.
Lord willing we will leave the country April 4, 2014 we have one way tickets to Kenya, God has prepared us for the realization that it is highly likely we will never step foot on American soil again; this has been hard for friends and family to understand, but the Lord has given us great peace in it and we are open to His leading.
One question I have received a lot is "what are you doing with all your stuff are you shipping it over?" Well it is just that "stuff" and has it's place only in this world, so we have been in the process of getting rid of things, and will take what necessities we have as checked baggage.
We are not going with any large church or organization, just as obedient followers of Jesus, we have a small ministry with a few other families that is the "vehicle" we use to serve the Lord.
Our focus on the ground in East Africa is discipleship, orphan care, and seeking to meet the needs of the poor (the blessed ones of God's kingdom Luke 6:20)
We will be living in Kenya and will be doing mission work in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Lord willing other countries preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 24:14).
I will attach a blog post my wife recently wrote in regards to our upcoming move and the concerns friends and family have for our children going with us, as much as we love them God loves them even more and it is our hope to prepare them for life in eternity and for them to store up their treasures in heaven. No gain in this world is worth anything in light of being in Christ and serving Him.
Thank you all for the many great memories I will keep from being a part of the Lexington Fire Dept. It has been a good ride and I will admit a little sentimental as I take my last ride on Engine 13 today.
Our blog is the best way to stay updated with what's going on it is
One other way to stay updated or get in contact with me is through FF Steven Buxton.
Our website is
We would appreciate your ongoing prayers and should you ever find yourself in Africa or want to visit let us know we would enjoy the familiar faces!
In the name of my King and Savior Jesus,
Charlton Sweazy
Engine 13, 2nd platoon
502-301-0504 (only for the next few weeks)